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Weeping Bottlebrush

Image of the Day 1/2/2016

( Callistemon viminalis )

Available individually or as part of XfrogPlants Oceania 3

This Callistemon species is generally noted for it’s showy red flowers and the weeping shape, that can be more or less pronounced depending on the different subspecies. Although frequent in shrubby, it can also reach notable tree sizes of 12-16 m. when growing in favorable conditions. It will grow even in water logged soils, but it is sensitive to frost and to direct salt sprays. It has proved to be well resistant to smog and therefore it is often planted for urban decoration.

Height: up to 16 m. as tree, much smaller as shrub
Origin: Australia (Queensland, New South Wales)
Environment: Along water courses on the coastal plains; in full sunlight; on moist, well-drained soils
Climate: warm, temperate; salt- and fire-resistant


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