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Rosemary Grevillea

( Grevillea rosmarinifolia )

Available individually or as part of XfrogPlants Oceania 3

Rosemary Grevillea is a small rounded shrub. The leaves resemble those of Rosemary, hence the name. There is an interesting story regarding the type form (i.e. the original recorded form) of this plant. It was believed to be extinct in the native area, until some specimens were found in the Edinbugh Botanical Garden, brought there by the discoverer (Allan Cunnungham). Then, a new search in the original location rediscovered the type form in the original habitat. This species tolerates even heavy frost and can withstand moderate pruning.

Height: up to 2 m.
Origin: Southeast Australia (Queensland, New South Wales)
Environment: Woodland, mallee and shrubland
Climate: warm, temperate; frost-resistant

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