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Broadleaved Paperbark

Image of the Day 1/14/2016

( Melaleuca quinquenervia )

Available individually or as part of XfrogPlants Oceania 3

Also known as Punk Tree, this is the tallest species of the Melaleucagenus. Native to Northern Australia, it has been imported to Southern Florida with the intent to help drain low-lying swampy areas. The consequences have been nearly disastrous because it became a highly flammable strongly aggressive weed; in few years, it’s population in Southern Florida has nearly quadrupled. In it’s native Australia, instead, Broadleaved Paperbark is a highly appreciated tree species for urban street and park decoration.

Height: up to 30 m.
Origin: Northern Australia
Environment: Open forests, woodlands, along water courses and swamp edges; on deep, fertile soils
Climate: warm, temperate

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