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Young Plum Pine

( Podocarpus elatus )

Available individually or as part of XfrogPlants Oceania 3

Also known as Illawarra Plum. The fleshy part of the fruits is edible and used in condiments. The timber has fine even texture and is used for furniture, kitchen utensils and musical instruments (violins and pianos). The Podocarpus genus is one of the oldest living on earth, as it dates back to Triassic. It originated in the ancient Southern continent of Gondwanaand it’s not natively represented in the Northern hemisphere because it did not have the time to spread into Laurasia before Pangaea broke up.

Height: up to 35 m. (commonly around 20 m.)
Origin: East coast of Australia (Queensland, New South Wales)
Environment: Subtropical, riverine and seashore rainforests
Climate: warm, temperate

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