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What are XfrogPlants?

XfrogPlants are detailed 3D plant models with scanned leaves, bark, and flowers that we model procedurally. They exist as Blender, Unreal, Unity, Maya and Max (V-Ray plus customized for 5 other renderers) 
and for maximum compatibility we provide OBJ, Alembic, and FBX. With over 7,000 plants available we are one of the largest 3D plant modelers, with plants from all over the world which we sell in 6 Collections. 

6 Xfrog Collections are available to purchase. Check them out in our Xfrog Shop


Latest versions of Xfrog software for 3D organic modeling are available in Xfrog Software.


You can now find Xfrog Plants in six stores: EPIC Marketplace, 3D Bazaar, ArtStation, Sketchfab, Turbosquid and CGtrader. Explore our Stores

What Is Xfrog?

Xfrog is a procedural organic 3D modeler that is used to create and animate plants, flowers, nature-based special effects and bio-architectural forms. It has been used in over 50 Feature Films and by 100s of Architects like Frank Gehry and Zaha Hadid Studios for Biomimicry.  Xfrog is available as a Mac OS and Windows plug-in for  Cinema 4D and as a Windows standalone application.

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